Sunday, May 9, 2010

52 Gwynn Facts, Part I: Intro & 1-6

Today is Tony's 52nd birthday and as we always do here at FoC... wait, why did I type 'we'? This crummy little nerdblog has a staff of one. I should go back and correct that. Hey, at least I didn't just type "we should go back and correct that". Okay, where were we? That time it's legit to say we since I was referring to you, the reader, and I. That's the last of that, I swear. Annnnnnyway, as I was saying, it's Tony's 52nd birthday and as I always do here at FoC, it's time to recognize. For his 50th, I posted 19 of his cards throughout the day and last year was a more low-key affair. This year I'm going to present 52 Gwynn Facts throughout the day, broken down into about six or seven segments. Without any further blah, blah, blah, let's get started, shall we?
1. Tony is one of only four National Leaguers ever to spend an entire 20 year career with one team.
2. A Gold Glove RF in the majors, Gwynn played LF and DH in college.
3. As a PG for the SDSU basketball team, Gwynn set and still holds the team records for assists both in a season and over a career.
4. Tony's 11 All Star Game starts are the most by a NL outfielder.
5. He hit better than .300 against every NL team.
6. Tony doubled for his first ML hit. 24 years later to the day, his son Tony also doubled for his first hit.
Stay tuned, everybody! 46 more to go!

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