Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gwynn Facts 15-25: The Hits

15. On July 19th (of course), 1982, Tony doubled off of the Phillies' Sid Monge for his first hit.
16. His 1000th hit was a single against Nolan Ryan in 1988.
17. He became the Padres' all-time hits leader with a base hit against Atlanta pitcher Jim Acker later that year, his 1,135th.
18. Number 2000 was a single off Colorado's Bruce Ruffin on Tony's mom's birthday in 1993.
19. Number 3000 also happened on his mom's birthday, this time in 1999 against the Expos' Dan Smith.
20.  His 3000th hit came the day after Mark McGwire's 500th HR and the day before Wade Boggs's 3000th hit.
21. Tony's final hit was a single off of the Rockies' Gabe White on October 6, 2001.
22. Gwynn's first HR came a little over a month after his first hit. On August 22, 1982, he went deep off of Bill Campbell of the Cubs.
23. Tony's 100th HR came on June 7, 1997 against Astros pitcher Donne Wall.
24. His last home run, number 135, came against Pittsburgh's Joe Beimel August 11, 2001.
25. Greg Maddux gave up more of Tony's hits than any other pitcher.

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