Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brian Johnson and Jeff Pearlman: Personal Heroes

Brian Johnson is a heck of a guy.

How do I know this? Because Jeff Pearlman says so. Pearlman's my favorite author/ writer/ blogger- not just because he's incredibly good at his craft (he is), but because his beliefs, whether they're about steroids, gay rights, politics, you name it, align with mine. Also, if someone whose entire adult life has been spent being disillusioned by athletes can form a friendship with and respect the values of one, well, that's a guy I think deserves my admiration.

The more I read about Johnson, the more I look up to him in the same way I look up to Pearlman. He too is "anti-gun, pro-gay marriage, pro-environment and anti-the war in Iraq", a man unafraid to step away from the typical mindset or silence of his peers and not content to be labeled as an ex-ballplayer. Most retired athletes, from what I've seen, are all too satisfied with sitting on their laurels and being defined by what they did, not who they are. I look up to any man who has the conviction to break away from convention and let his voice be heard no matter if- well, especially if it's not something everyone wants to hear. Thank you for being the way you are, Mr. Johnson and thank you, Mr. Pearlman for bringing him to my attention.

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