Monday, March 12, 2012

Every 12 in Padres' History

Bill Davis was the first to wear #12 for the Padres. After he was released in May, Ron Slocum switched from 45 and kept it until the end of his career; he played in 7 games for the '71 team. Garry Jestadt took it over that season and kept it until the end of his career. It was vacated in '73, as it was in '75, '79, '80, '87, '92, and '03-'05. John Scott rocked it in '74; Tucker Ashford and Ball Four character Doug Rader shared it in '76. Rader wore it through '77 and Ashford got it back for '78 after he left. Mario Ramirez took possession in '81 and kept it through '85. 1986 saw two 12s, Randy Asadoor and Mark Wasinger. Robbie Alomar wore it his entire tenure from '88 through '90 and Scott Coolbaugh held it down in '91. Jeff Gardner and Ray Holbert wore it in '93 and '94, respectively before Steve Finley showed up in '95 and kept it through '98. Future hitting coach Dave Magadan had it from 1999 though 2001. Trenidad Hubbard donned the dozen in oh-deuce and Justin Leone was next in '06 along with Todd Walker. That Clark Brady guy wore it for a minute in 2007, just long enough to crap all over our beautiful season. Shrek Hairston wore it the next season and a half- after wearing 14 for the Friars in '07- and again in 2010 in his second stint after a brief trip to Oakland. Logan Forsythe wore it last year; he has since been awarded #11 and 12 has been bestowed upon Yasmani Grandal.

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