Friday, March 30, 2012

Every Uni Number In The Sixties

I was going to title this "Saturday's Sixties & Seventies" but, as it turns out, nobody has worn a number in the seventies for the Padres in the regular season. Only nine have worn one in the sixties. Steve Fireovid wore 62 in '81 & '83 and Andy Hawkins wore 63 in '82. Carlos Hernandez had 65 in '97 and Rodney Myers put on 66 in 2000-'01 and Chan Ho Park followed with 61 in '05-'06. Nick Hundley wore 61 when called up in '08; Matt Antonelli got 62 the same season and Mat Latos was given 61 in his first taste of the Majors in '09. Most recently, Sean Gallagher wore 63 in '09 & '10. I find it surprising, with the relatively vast parade of Quad-A cameo type guys the Padres have had through the years, that there haven't been more. Secondly, I noticed that the use of uni numbers in the sixties only popped up on rare occasions, for a brief period of time each. It was used for call-ups/ plug-ins Fireovid and Hawkins in the early '80s and for the same sort of thing in '08 and '09. I wonder if there was an organizational rule against it in other seasons and who ultimately makes the call. Hmmm, I wish I had the resources to interview Equipment Managers... Oh, and lastly, for the record, Kyle Blanks's 88 is the only number above 66 worn by a Friar in a regular season game.

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