Monday, April 2, 2012

LaMarr Hoyt: Hitting Bottom & Bouncing Back (A Mustache Monday Post)

By the time this card was released, LaMarr Hoyt had already pitched his last game. Hoyt had a great first season with the Padres in '85 after being acquired from the White Sox for a bevy including Ozzie Guillen and Luis Salazar. He showed his Cy Young form and trademark pinpoint location, winning 16 games and being named MVP of the All Star Game. Then it all started unraveling. He was arrested twice before the '86 season for drug possession and missed Spring Training while in rehab. After a lousy season, he was arrested yet again and suspended by MLB in '87. He was released by the Padres as soon as he was reinstated. The White Sox signed him two weeks later but let him go after he was, uh, yeah, arrested for drugs a few months later. Then, in January of '88 he was sentenced to a year in prison. It all spiraled out of control so fast and reached one if its logical conclusions. Luckily for him, it wasn't death. Since being released, Hoyt has been an example of rehabilitation, showing that it's possible for anyone to turn over a new Leaf.

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