Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Thursday's Garvey: May His Dreams Of Ownership Be Dashed

So, apparently Garvey has expressed interest in being part of a potential Padres ownership group. Vomit. For one, he's a Dodger. Yeah, yeah, his number is retired by the Padres but that's the subject of much debate. Secondly, we're once again his second choice behind those same damn, dirty Dodgers. He tried to buy in there before Magic and his people spent an ungodly sum for what amounts to garbage covered in feces. See, the Dodger love runs deep in Garvey's veins. It's odd, though, because if you cut him, he does not bleed blue like Tommy Lasorda; he bleeds brown. This is not because he is a true Padre; it's because he's full of shit.

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