Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All 24 Of The 24s For The 24th

There have been 24 men who have worn number 24 for the Padres. Walt Hriniak was the first and Chris Krug also wore it in 1969. Jerry Nyman and Jim Williams had it in '70, followed by Leron Lee from '71 through '73. Joe McIntosh in '74 and Ken Reynolds in '76 were succeeded by Dave Wehrmeister from '76 through '78. Dan Briggs donned it in '79, as did Luis Salazar in '80 and '87. Dave Edwards had the 24 in '81 and '82, followed by Champ Summers in '84, Dave LaPoint in '86, and Jerald Clark from '88 through '92. Current hitting coach Phil Plantier wore it in '93 and '94. Roberto Petagine had it in '95 before Rickey Henderson in '96, '97 and again in '01. Mark Langston in '98, David Newhan in '99, and Joe Vitiello in 2000 wore it in Rickey's absence. San Diego-born Aztec alumnus Alex Palaez wore it for all three games of his career in '02, follwed by another San Diegan, Brian Giles from '03 through '09. Mike Baxter had it in '10 and Cam Maybin has held it down since we swiped him from the then-Florida Marlins. I hope to see it between Tony's 19 and Winfield's 31 in his honor fifteen or so years from now.

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  1. Some interesting names, some i forgot I used to cheer for like Salazar, Langston, and who the fcuk is mike baxter?! Good Read! And Hope Cam can put together a career worth being the last of our 24s!