Friday, April 20, 2012

Four 20s For 4/20

Of the seventeen in team history
, Ivan Murrell was the first to wear 20 for the Friars, from 1969 through '72.The first Dave Roberts wore it from '72 through '75. George Hendrick had it in early '77 and Jerry Turner kept it from '77 through '83. Bobby Brown was next, from '83 through '85, followed by Gary Green in '86 and '89. Tim Teufel donned the deuce-doughnut from '91 through '93, as did Ray McDavid '94 and '95 as well as Chris Jones in '97 and Greg Myers in '98 and '99. Greg LaRocca and Al Martin both wore it in 2000, succeeded by Rick Wilkins in '01 and the duo of Kevin Barker and Brett Tomko in '02. Miguel Ojeda was the penultimate player with 20 on his back, from '03 through '05; Manny Alexander was the last in '05 and '06. Manager Bud (quite the appropriate name for today's post) Black has worn it to varying levels of success- or lack thereof- since 2007.

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