Monday, April 30, 2012

Mustache Monday: Winfield, Whitson, Hoyt & The Other 31s

I wrote this intending to post it tomorrow. However, when I went to set it to autopost, I discovered that there are only 30 days in April. I didn't feel like sitting on it that long (TWSS!) and since all three of the principles are 'stached, it made sense to drop it today.
Seven players wore number 31 before Dave Winfield and seven others wore it after him. Leon Everitt, Frankie Libran, the original Dave Roberts and Rafael Robles all wore number 31 in the Padres' inaugural Major League season; Paul Doyle, Jerry Nyman and Roberto Rodriguez did so in 1970. Robles wore it again in '72. Winfield showed up in '73 and kept it through '80 when he headed to the Bronx. Ed Whitson donned the digits in '83 and '84 until he also headed to the Bronx. LaMarr Hoyt had it in '85 and '86. Whitson wore it once again when he returned from his unsuccessful stint in New York; this time he kept it from '87 through '91. Dave Staton, as we all know, wore it in '94. I have a card of him but I'm holding off on writing about it for obvious reasons. Billy Bean- not to be confused with Billy Beane- wore it in '95. I still haven't read Bean's book; it seems like it would be fascinating. The number was issued to Bob Tewksbury in '96 and Trey Beamon in '97. Matt Clement was the last to have it, from 1998 until it was announced in 2000 that it would be retired for in honor of Winfield.

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