Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Review & May Preview

Last month was the most prolific in FoC history with 33 posts over 30 days, beating May of 2010 which featured 31 posts in 31 days- and that month's total was admittedly padded by several on Tony's birthday. I made a decent amount of headway on the ongoing Friars By The Numbers project which will continue later today with the guys who have worn 1 for the Padres. I wrote it up a few weeks ago but it seemed like it made sense to hold it off until today. Other things to expect in the month to come are beards, more beards and then some additional beards to go along with those beards. If you're capable of growing anything even closely resembling a beard, you are expected to join in on the festivities for the next 31 days; otherwise any and everyone is not only free to but encouraged to blame you and you alone for any Padres losses that may occur during that time.


  1. Check out Padrographs if you are looking for some cards, I listed a whole of cards for trade bait

  2. Padrographs is a favorite of mine. I'll have to go through and find if I have anything you need.