Sunday, May 13, 2012

13s For The 13th

Seventeen men have worn Mike Ness's favorite number as a member of our San Diego Padres. Ramon Webster was the first, in 1971. The delightfully named Dick Sharon wore it in '75 and future bad manager Bobby Valentine had it in '77. Fernando Gonzalez donned the 13 in '78 and '79; Bobby Tolan also wore it in '79. Juan Eichelberger trotted it out of the bullpen in '81 and '82, as did Mark Davis in '87. No-good Gwynn-hater Mike Pagliarulo performed poorly in it in '89 and '90. Todd Steverson wore it in his only appearance with the Padres, a strikeout in a single pinch hit AB in '96. The well-traveled Jorge Velandia rocked the 13 in '97, followed by eventual actual murderer Jim Leyritz in '98 and '99 and mere Schilling-killer Ben Davis in 2000 and '01. Gary Matthews wore it in the last season at The Q and Antonio Osuna was the first to wear it at Petco Park, in '04. The memorable Robert Fick wore 13 in his '05 stint and light-hitting backup middle infielder Oscar Robles wore it for a short period in '07 and fan favorite Chris Denorfia has proudly donned it since 2010.

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