Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sixes On The Sixth

Of the eleven players to wear 6 for the Padres, Rafael Robles was the first in 1970. Don Mason wore it in parts of the '71 through '73 seasons. Fred "Chicken" Stanley had it for 39 games in '72 and Bob Davis had it for five in '73. Rich Morales was the third player to wear it in '73 and kept it through '74. Don Hahn and John Scott both donned it in '75, followed by Bill Almon from '76 through '79 and Tim Flannery from '80 through '82. Steve Garvey came over and took it from Flan in '83 and kept it through '87. Keith Moreland wore it briefly in the beginning of '88 before it was decided it would be retired for Garvey.

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