Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's Winnings

Well, I had intended on waking up and writing about Doug Brocail for his birthday but then my plans got derailed in the best kind of way. I stepped outside to partake in a filthy habit that I already know is wrong and stupid and about which I need no further lectures. Poking out of the mailbox was the corner of a ubiquitous ocher bubble mailer. My heart fluttered a bit. "Could it be?" I thought. "Nah, it's probably just some book she ordered off half-dot-com."  WRONG. It was my contest winnings from Nick at my favorite card blog Dime Boxes. To quote Peggy Hill, "Ho yeah!" I was ripping it open and reading the note before I even made it back inside. There was so much goodness inside. Minis and Tonys and Trevors, oh my! There were also several players who were unrepresented in my collection and will now get their day in the sun. Or as glowing pixels in the basements of fellow nerds' mothers. Whatever. Well, I'd write more but I'm excited to get back to perusing these. I'll be back later, writing about one or more of these cards. Sorry to Doug Brocail fans and thanks to Nick. You've got one coming!


  1. Now the entire blogosphere will know I have bad handwriting. :)

    Glad to see they arrived safely. Happy to see you enjoyed them!

  2. My girlfriend just opined "He doesn't have bad handwriting; he just has guy handwriting."