Monday, May 14, 2012

Mustache Monday: All About Tim Scott

There are a lot of Tim Scotts in the world, several of whom have achieved as much notoriety as the man on this card. In my research for this entry (which consisted of me googling "tim scott" to get to his B.R. page), I came across a veteran Hollywood actor, a congressman from South Carolina, an up and coming young actor, a singer-songwriter, a DJ, a photographer and a freshman safety for UNC. This made me wonder if having such a common name was an obstacle for any of them. I feel like casting directors, record executives and even scouts would have an unwitting subconscious bias toward the performers with more memorable names. I don't know; maybe I'm overthinking this- that does happen fairly often.
Tim Scott, the relief pitcher, blended in with the crowd on the diamond as well. He debuted with two games as a Padre in 1991 and had a somewhat rocky full rookie season in '92. After a strong start to the '93 season, Tim was sent to Montreal for the legendary Archi Cianfrocco. He fared better his next three and a half seasons, posting ERA+ marks of 139, 157, 109 and 140 before seemingly hitting a wall upon being traded by les Expos to San Francisco. This is where the bouncing around really begins. He was waived by the Giants after the '96 season, picked up by the Reds and granted free agency two months later without as much as getting a jersey with his name on it. The Padres took another look at him, signing him in January of '97 and releasing him in May after 18 innings featuring 16 earned runs. He signed with Colorado, gave up 3 earnies in 2 2/3 innings over three games and was let loose again. The Mariners picked him up on waivers but he would not see the Majors with them or, in fact, with any other team. He kept at it, though, pitching in the minors through 2002 as a member of the Dodgers, Pirates, Reds and Yankees organizations as well as for three different teams in the independent Western League. He retired with 50 wins and 50 losses and a 3.78 ERA over 15 minor league seasons and went 24-13 with a 4.13 during his seven years digging into Major League mounds.

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  1. Cianfrocco IS legendary. I wonder how much more legendary he would be had he had the Tim Scott 'stache. The back of that '93 Fleer Ultra makes it seem very well kept.