Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I used to have a hat kinda like that except it was just red and white like it should be. I know my mother (who disowned me and I'll likely never see again) has a picture somewhere of me wearing it and a Mariners t-shirt upon the back of which I had painted "CORA" and "28"... Anyway, be sure to keep the faith in our Padres, as absurd as it may seem at times. Stay in school, work your hardest, don't mess with drugs and just try to be the best you you can be to those around you. Love. In the end, it's all a question of heart.


  1. Padres fans... the kind of faith that doesn't fade away. True Believers.

  2. Yes. I'm glad someone caught that. I have the Souls skyline in a broken heart with crossbones on my neck. Carry on in my absence; I liked your blog a lot and I'm sure all of our Padres hermanos will too.