Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gwynn Facts 26-34 of 52: Top Of The Leaderboard

26. Tony led the league in at bats and runs once apiece, both in 1986.
27. He led the league in hits 7 times and batting average 8 times, both first in 1984 and last in '97.
28. Tony also led the league in win probability added both of those years.
29. He led the league in sacrifice flies once, also in '97.
30. The most double plays Gwynn grounded into in a season was 20, which he did three times. It led the league in his .394 season.
31. He led the league in OBP once, also in 1994.
32. He led the league in WAR outright in '87 and in WAR among position players in '86.
33. Most impressive to me was that he led the league in at bats per strikeouts an amazing ten times.
34. Defensively, Tony led the NL in games and assists as a RF in 1984 and '86; he led in putouts as a RF in '84, '86 and '90.

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