Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cool Stuff Keeps Happening

My favorite thing about having this blog is the guest posts. As much as I love reliving the history of the only team that matters to me, it's even more enjoyable to read what writers whom I respect have to say about the things we both appreciate; be it baseball cards, the Padres, a particular player or any combination of the aforementioned. Today I noticed a tweet by my favorite non-fiction author* that noted how underrated Garry Templeton was. After instantly retweeting it, I @replied- half jokingly, half "Hey, it's worth a shot"- asking if there was any way I could twist his arm into writing a guest spot about Tempy. To my amazement, he replied back proposing a trade: he'd write about Garry here if I'd write about my favorite Padre for his blog. Wait, what? Let me get this right. You'll write about Templeton for my humble little nerdblog and I get to share with the world my love of Joey Cora? That's an even more lopsided trade than when the Astros got 15 years of Jeff Bagwell for 15 games of Larry Andersen... So, that's something that will be happening. I would try to write a cleaner conclusion to this but my mind is elsewhere; there's a certain little second baseman who I'm already mentally pre-writing about.

*I specified "non-fiction" for the specific purpose of giving a shout-out to Jeff Shelby. Go buy his books.