Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three 3s For Thursday The Third

Tommy Dean was the first of twenty-one men to wear number 3 for the Padres, from 1969 through '71. Ball Four character Curt "Buffalo" Blefary was second in '72, followed by Randy Elliott in '74 and Willie Davis in '76. The first Dave Roberts had it for two seasons, '77 and '78, as did Bill Fahey in '79 and '80. Juan Bonilla held it down from '81 through '83 and Jerry Royster wore it in '85 and '86. Darrell Sherman led a revolving door in the nineties, wearing it in '93, succeeded by Melvin Nieves in '94 and '95, Jody Reed in '96, Mandy Romero in '97 and '98, Andy Sheets also in '98, and the legendary Eric Owens in 1999. Shane Victorino had it briefly as a Rule V pick in '03 until he was returned from whence he came. Khalil Greene was issued 3 when he was called up in '03 and kept it through '08 when he was traded to the Cardinals. David Eckstein wore it briefly in early '09 before getting his usual 22. Craig Stansberry wore it later in '09 and Luis Durango hit some infield singles in it in 2010. Jorge Cantu didn't wear it last season because that never happened. Shhhh. Andy Parrino has it now and that's all that matters.

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