Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Twos For Tuesday

John Sipin was the first Padre to wear the deuce, way back in the inaugural year of 1969. Johnny Grubb was the second, from '74 through '76. After Grubb, Luis Menendez and Jerry Turner had the digit in '77 and Rick Sweet followed suit in '78. Alan Wiggins locked it down beginning in '81 up until he was shipped to Baltimore in '85. Bip Roberts wore number 2 when he came up in '86 before getting the 10 with which he is most commonly associated. Tony Fernandez had it in '92. Jim Vatcher also wore it in '92 and did so again in '93. Keith Lockhart wore it for a single season in '94, as did Jody Reed in '95, Jim Tatum in '96 and Andy Sheets in the year of our second National League Championship. Damian Jackson bridged the millenium gap from 1999 through 2001 and again when he returned in '05. Cesar Crespo in '02, Jason Bay in '03 and Kerry Robinson in '04 wore it in Jackson's absence. Jon Knott wore number 2 for three hitless plate appearances in '06 and Morgan Ensberg wore it after he was picked up at the deadline in '07. Luis Rodriguez and Edgar Gonzalez both wore it in '08. Gonzalez wore it again in '09 and  Lance Zawadzki had it for 20 games in the 2010 season and Everth Cabrera took it in '11 when Orlando Hudson showed up and felt entitled to the #1 which Cabrera had been wearing. Am I still resentful toward that jerk? You bet.

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