Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Wish Eric Show Was Turning 56 Today

Today would have been Eric Show's 56th birthday. Sadly, the last birthday he celebrated was 19 years ago as he didn't make it to see 38. A deep and troubled man, Show took his last breath a mere 2 1/2 years after throwing his last Major League pitch. He was a resident at an inpatient rehab facility when he shot his fatal speedball, a lethal combination of heroin and cocaine that had already taken John Belushi and would eventually claim Chris Farley and Ken Caminiti. Show sits atop many pages in the pitching section of the Padres' record book and is also remembered by casual fans for surrendering Pete Rose's record breaking hit and taking a seat on the mound during the hullaballoo that followed. Friends remember him as much more; a thoughtful man, one eager to learn and question those doing the teaching. He was a talented musician, intrigued with politics and was a quiet philanthropist who kept his giving out of the public eye. A child of abuse, he searched his entire life for peace, seeking relief in religion, drugs and alcohol. Like many, he never found it here.

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  1. Seeing this card gives me a crazy memory jolt. I had a ton of cards from this Donruss series in 1990.