Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ben Davis: Back In Baseball

The last time I wrote about Ben Davis he was still trying to work his way back to the Majors as a pitcher. He officially announced his retirement a little over a year ago after beginning Spring Training for what would have been his second season as a pitcher for the Camden Riversharks of the independent Atlantic League. "It's something I've been thinking of for a couple of years," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time. "My numbers started to decline and I just figured, you know what, I'm going to shut it down now." Davis added that he felt it was time "to go get a real job" and did so; he got hired on as a sales rep for the Wells Fargo Center, selling premium seating for the home of the Flyers and 76ers. He recently took on a second job with mother corporation Comcast doing pregame and postgame analysis for Phillies games; he also dabbles in the radio end of things. He lives in nearby West Chester, also home to Jackass jackass Bam Margera, with his wife Megan and three children. Much like how Geoff considers Kory the MVP of Team Blum, Ben is in awe of the work his wife does. “Doing what I do is fun," said Davis. "What Megan does is the toughest job in the world, I think.” Davis seems at peace with his past career and happy in his new one; he confirms as much by stating that he is "very blessed".

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