Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's Tony Gwynn: Take That, Giants!

The most dramatic of Tony's seven batting titles was his fourth, when he edged out Will Clark on the final day of the 1989 season. Members of both clubs had one prime objective; "We'd already clinched and it was the last day and we were doing whatever we could to get Will that title," said then-Giants third baseman Matt Williams. Williams and the rest of Clark's cohorts were unsuccessful as Tony went 3-4 while Clark managed just a single in four at bats. "You'd just feel defenseless. You're standing there with a glove, but for what purpose? What good was a glove doing you with Tony Gwynn at the plate?" mused Williams; "That day, he just did to us what he did to everybody. And he did it for 20 years."

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