Thursday, April 5, 2012

55s For The 5th

There haven't been that many guys who have worn 55 for the Friars- just ten, in fact. Only one player- Luis DeLeon in '82- wore the number before Mud did from '87 through '90. After Grant, Andres Berumen wore it in '95 and '96, as did Jim Bruske in '97 and '98. Dan Serafini had it briefly in early 2000 before Brian Tollberg took it over that season and kept it through '03. Ramon Hernandez rocked it in '04, as did Shawn Estes from '06 through '08 and Adam Russell in '09 and '10. Most recently, Evan Scribner donned the double nickels last season. Personally, I think the club should keep it out of circulation out of respect for Mud and what he means to the team and its fanbase in his current capacity. Then, after he's been in the booth for ages- oh, I don't know, let's say 20 or 25 years- they should formally retire it. I mean, good grief, he's already more worthy than Steve Garvey.

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