Thursday, April 5, 2012

All Of The 23s (Happy Birthday, jodes!)

Today is San Diego sports superfan jodes's birthday. I recall it being a big deal that she could legally purchase adult refreshment two Opening Days ago so, according to my math, I think that means she's 23 now. I could be wrong. So, with no further ado or what-have-you, here are all of the guys who have worn 23 for the Friars:
Al Santorini '69-'71
Mike Caldwell '71-'73
Rod Gaspar '74
Bernie Williams '74
Tito Fuentes '75-'76
Nobody '77-'86, '89-'90
Shane Mack '87-'88
Paul Faries '91-'92
Guillermo Velazquez '93
Eddie Williams '94-'95
John Flaherty '96-'97
Greg Vaughn '98
Phil Nevin 1999-2005
Adrian Gonzalez '06-'10
Blake Tekotte '11
Yonder Alonso about sixteen hours.

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