Monday, April 30, 2012

Cards Of All 13 Of The 30s In Padres History

Thirteen different players have worn number 30 as a member of the San Diego Padres. For the first time in FoC history, I'm going to include cards of all of the players- the first time, that is, unless you count number 19 and I don't because that was only Gene Richards and Tony. Anyway, enough with the preliminaries; here they are: Mike Corkins led off, from 1969 through '71; Derrel Thomas was next, from '72 through '74 and again in '78. Hector Torres wore it in '75 and '76 and Tim Flannery had it for his rookie season in '79. Dave Cash donned it in '80, followed by Danny Boone in '81 and '82. Eric Show kept it from '82 through '90, succeeded by Kevin Ward in '91 and '92. Phil Clark rocked 30 in '93 through '95, as did Ryan Klesko from 2000 through '06. Heath Bell is credited by BR as wearing 30 in '07 in addition to 21. However, Greg Maddux was on the roster all of '07 and was back in '08. Eliezer Alfonzo had it last, for the '09 "We Ruin Everything" Padres.

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