Saturday, April 7, 2012

47s For 4/7

22 players have worn 47 for the Padres. Joe Niekro was the first in the Friars' inaugural season. Ralph Garcia was next in '72, followed by Rich Troedson in '73 and '74 and Bob Shirley in '77 and '78. Dennis Blair wore it in '80, as did Dennis Rasmussen in '83 and Bob Stoddard in '86. Randy Byers (not to be confused with Randy Myers) rocked it in '87 and '88. Bruce Hurst was the first to wear it longer than two seasons, keeping it from '89 through '93. Jose Martinez in '94, Willie Blair in '95 and '96, and Pete Smith in '97 and '98 followed. Brandon Kolb held it down in 2000 and Rudy Seanez wore it in his first tour of duty in '01. David Lundquist, Wil Nieves and Brandon Villafuerte all wore 47 in '02 and Jesse Orosco wore it in '03, the last of his 24 seasons. Justin Germano also wore it his first time around in '04, as did Tim Stauffer in '05. From '06 until the 2010 trading deadline it as worn by third base coach Glenn Hoffman, at which time he took #30 upon the acquisition of Ryan Ludwick who wore it until getting traded to Pittsburgh a year later. Jeremy Hermida wore it last September and will continue to until he's released in late May.

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