Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 33s

There is a grand total of 19 players who have worn 33 for the Friars. Gary Ross was the first, from 1969 through '74. In '75, he was traded for Bobby Valentine, who wore it partially through the next season at which time Tom Griffin took it and kept it through '77. Juan Eichelberger wore 33 on the classic '78 jerseys and through 1980. Nobody wore #33 for the Padres from '81-'89. After this long hiatus, Thomas Howard wore it in 1990 until being traded in April, '92. Gene Harris wore it that season as well and parts of the next two. Bill Kreuger also wore it in '94 and again in '95 along with Glenn Dishman, who wore it the next season too. Terry Burrows had it in '97, followed by Dan Miceli in '98 & '99 and Will Cunnane in 2000. Nobody wore it in '01. Wil Nieves and Mark Sweeney wore it in '02; Sean Burroughs took it in '03 and David Wells got it the next. Burroughs took it back in '05 after Boomer left the first time. Mike Piazza wore 33 in his only season in San Diego. Wells came back in '07 and wore it until he was released; Brett Tomko wore it later in the season. Cult legend Jody Gerut rocked the 33 in '08 & '09 and Clayton Richard has had it since 2010; he had worn 41 in late '09 after he came over in the Peavy trade.

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