Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Flip Side

Here are the backs of the cards from the last post. A few interesting things stand out. The shots of Cammy are clearly from Spring Training as he didn't have a goatee. He always kept a goatee during baseball season as a superstition and shaved it in the offseason because his wife didn't like it. Clement is also pictured naked-faced, which is strange as well since he came to be known more for his intricate, Eric Owens-like chinpieces. He never got as ridiculous as Dustin Hermanson but still. What surprised me on the back of Dade's card was his date of birth. From the picture on the front, I thought he was a grizzled veteran pushing forty at the very least. Turns out he was only 29 at the time; I'm glad I don't look that haggard at this age. Finally, when perusing the back of Phil Stephenson's card, I noticed the date at the end of his mini-bio. Hey, that's the day jodes was born! I should go check and see if any September callups made their MLB debut 09/10/82.

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