Monday, March 26, 2012

Mustache Monday: Starring Sam Elliott As Eric Rasmussen

I know I just wrote about Eric Rasmussen on his birthday last Thursday but I remembered this card and it was too good to let pass. The way I was reminded was kind of funny. The other night I put The Big Lebowski on to fall asleep to and the sight of Sam Elliott's mustache made me think of this card and this mustache. Man, that thing's out of control! The last card of his that I posted noted skeet shooting as a hobby; on this card he looks like he gets paid to shoot skeet in brightly-lit cheap motel rooms. That look isn't helping, either. I imagine it's intended to look all SRS BSNS but instead appears as though there's a sixteen year old girl next to the cameraman. And you know it was a cameraman. This was the seventies. Women weren't allowed to have good professions back then; they barely are now.


  1. WOW - Eric Rasmussen was my pitching coach at the SD School of Baseball at Grossmont College around 25 years ago. Good times!