Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday's Whitson: '92 Topps

Even casual readers of this blog (as opposed to the devoted army of FoC fanatics who are constantly refreshing in hopes of seeing another card and a sliver of my classically beautiful face) know that I love me some alliteration. Mustache Monday has actually stuck and I've often thought of what I should do for other days. One that came to mind was "Saturday's Stupid S#!t" but I've been trying to keep it decent around here lately. Friday lends itself to Flan but I only have three of his cards; I guess I could just do a different F player each Friday, though. Forsythe and Fingers come to mind immediately. It's not like I have enough Ed Whitson cards to keep this going indefinitely like Tuesday's Tony Gwynn but I do have enough to do a miniseries. That's why you aren't reading anything about Eddie Lee right now; consider this an intro. We have five more weeks for me to blather on about him and make you never want to see another card of him.

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